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About the Film Festival

  • Les Femmes Underground International is a film festival centred on the subversive, unique, and innovative. LEFUFF, showcases artists from all walks of life creating work which redefines the manner in which women are represented in mainstream cinema​.

  • LEFUFF invites you to take a cinematic adventure that destroys the meaning of mundane through its unique programming via the underground world of feminist inter-sectional art, music, and celluloid fantasies.

  • Les Femmes Underground International film festival features films from over 30 different countries ranging in genres from Documentary, Experimental, Narrative, Horror, Female Sexuality, and our own concoction Psychotropic. Our programing digs into the esoteric realms, of witchcraft and feminism. We pride ourselves in merging occult ideology and notions of the phrase, “witch” as a way to indoctrinate equality, independence, and empowerment.


Why was LEFUFF Created?

  • Les Femmes Underground was created as a response to the decline of feminist icons and role models in the media.

  • As feminists, we believe it is our responsibility to empower new generations of young women to generate work which breaks away from society’s gendered roles. Les Femmes Underground seeks to premier first time under-represented emerging feminist film-makers and artists.

Dreams for the Future

  • We hope that through community support and involvement we can one day acquire a forever home for our young organization. Our hopes is to have a women's community arts center, where we can provide things beyond art such as free mental health, educational resources for youth, as well as, holistic care for its members. We hope to heal the community through art and we hope you can join us in those efforts,  donate today to help us reach those efforts.


Our Mission Statement

1. Equip, inform, influence, and mobilize, women in underground media.
2. Transform the  landscape of cinema for women by creating opportunities and forums  that accurately represent them.
3. Generate innovative  programming which brings back the 'Riot Grrrl' mentality in the art world, thereby pushing and inspiring women to acquire more opportunities.

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